Conscious Communication Coaching

Conscious Communication is a sweet flowing river, a river of joy though the body, mind, heart & soul, that moves you deeply into the field of love.

Communication is the key to life it is a essential way we relate and connect to each other. With out true communication it is very difficult to understand & get alone with other. Conscious communication support us in bonding & connecting in a harmonious way with each other, this deeply enriches our lives. In this practice we open to communicating from the heart & soul ie our inner wisdom.

We work with Conscious Communication in the areas of: relationships, families, business and organizations. There are different formats we use depending on the group & there orientation to communication.

Communication Formats:

  • Conscious soulful Communication
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Collaborative Communication/Dialogue
  • Advocacy , inquire and reflection
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Negotiation
  • Group Knowledge

Conscious Soulful Communication
Loving soulful communication is an open system, full circle, a dance opening us to the unknown knowledge, creativity, deeper connection, that sparks our discovery, and has us deeply grow.
Speaking from the heart, soul and truth.
Listening from the heart, soul and truth.
Inquire from the heart, soul and truth.
Deep listening, staying in the heart.
The key is slowing down and feeling & experiencing your souls expression & another souls expression.

Conscious Communication Coaching will Provide:

  • Getting in touch with your deeper soul expression
  • Discovery your truth in each situation
  • Opening to your heart & souls wisdom
  • Speaking from your heart & souls truth
  • Listening from your heart & souls truth
  • Staying in the heart while communicating
  • Creating resolution thought soulful communication
  • Learn to be in the wisdom of silence
  • Safely to access Authentic communication
  • Getting in touch with what really matter in life & what you desirer
  • Opening and expanding to greater awareness, radiance, and feeling
  • Accessing and expanding intuition, truth and wisdom
  • Exploring your believe system and blocks that stop you from being in your truth & love & power
  • Connecting with your intent, who you truly are, your greatest gifts
  • Accessing fulfillment, vision and creative power
  • Creating connected communication, & collaborative partnerships

Conscious soulful Communication in relationships is express as:
Loving and nurturing, living from truth, love, fulfillment; creating from a higher vision, self reflection, deep listening, compassionate, soul bonding, in tune with self and other, understanding, appreciation, learning to feel into the truth, natural movement & joy.

COLLABORATIVE COMMUNICATION - Communicating Powerfully and Effectively
In this course, we will develop the skills of observation, awareness, and requesting, as well as advocacy, inquiry and reflection. The environment of defensiveness, resistance, and blame is replaced by an atmosphere of trust, self-expression, attentive listening and aligned action. This course will profoundly impact your personal and professional life.

Appreciative Inquiry

Advocacy, Inquire and Reflection

CONFLICT RESOLUTION - Generating Common Intent
When blame, misunderstanding, and resentment arise, it is difficult to merely listen, let alone resolve a conflict. We will work with you on communication, awareness, and reframing techniques. We will give you practical steps and methods to resolve conflicts, creating solutions that work for both parties. Because conflicts occur continually in business, this course is critical. It will save you time, money, and grief.

THE ART OF NEGOTIATION - Creating Clarity and Alignment
We will create the key steps for establishing successful negotiations. From there you will get clear on what you want, how you want it, and by when. This model will bring you increased insight and ability in the areas of objective understanding, intentional listening, and intentional speaking.

Group Knowledge
Opening up the quantum field to group wisdom, listening, speaking & idea outside of the box. This is were true creativity is express, and openings & discoveries are uncovered. Organizations and business thrive in this environment & natural productive & joy sores.

We open up inquire form connection with the presence "the Zone" were we access our inner wisdom. This is a fun, exciting, brilliant process.

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