Deeksha: Divine Healing Energy

Deeksha is the transfer of energy that initiates the enlightenment process, bringing about biological changes in the brain, removing the endless chatter of the mind, and bringing you fully into the moment where there is peace and joy.

Deeksha affects the body in a very positive way. It strengthens and brings healing to the heart, the immune system, the nervous system and the brain.

Deeksha energy supports you to live in a higher state of consciousness and opens you to your creative gifts, unconditional love and innate knowing.

Deeksha facilitates you to enter into an altered state, creating new realizations and heightened awareness of truth. It supports the consciousness that frees the mind from suffering.

This is a transformational process. It is an integrative energy guided by Divine Intelligence and serves each person's highest good.

Receiving Deekshas over time deepens your state of awakenness and raises the level of your consciousness.

The transference of "oneness" that deeksha energy opens us to, is a most extraordinary experience: receiving this gift of Grace is a profound awakening beyond all boundaries.

Amma & Bhagavan are the source of this incredible energy. Once you experience the unique power of their presence through Deeksha, you will feel how it can transform your life.

Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma are the founders of the Oneness Movement. Through attending their 21-Day Enlightenment Process, darshans and courses thousands of people all over the world are today experiencing permanent states of absence of inner suffering and conflicts. These states of freedom from suffering can be described as Wholeness, Enlightenment or Oneness. Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma are husband and wife. They are also twin avatars for Enlightenment and God-realization. The Divine Grace bestowed upon them via the process of Deeksha is a phenomenon that is ushering humanity into its next phase of evolutionary consciousness.

Bhagavan describes the levels of oneness consciousness as beginning first with internal oneness. Here, the competing internal voices, doubts, and inner critics are quieted and one becomes, in Bhagavan's words, a unified individual. At the next level one experiences oneness with other people. This does not refer to a philosophical view nor a conceptual understanding but rather to a direct experience where there no longer exists any sense of separation between oneself and others. Later this extends to animals, plants, and the natural world. Ultimately, unity with god (or the universe if you prefer) can be known in this direct experiential manner; this is the highest level of oneness (mukti).

With repeated dikshas and a proper approach to life, one may attain such elevated and purified states of consciousness. These states do not fade, instead they become part and parcel of everyday experience. In fact once transferred, the energy continues to work on the recipient for up to weeks later before it is entirely 'integrated', so the effects of diksha are usually not fully realized immediately.

Yogis have said for millennia that realization, happiness, and causeless joy comprise our natural state, but that we have managed to 'unlearn' it very effectively. To find a genuine dharma for moving back into this state today is rare and following such a path in modern life is often demanding and difficult.

Oneness is your natural state, and the happiness and causeless joy of this state is your birthright. Come participate in an evening that will be one step in reclaiming it.

Science and Deeksha
Although new on the world stage, the process of deeksha has already drawn the interest of German Ph.D. biochemist Christian Optiz, who has performed extensive tests in India, scanning individual's brains before and after deeksha. Utilizing an advanced electromagnetic frequency diagnostic device called KARNAK, which was developed at the University of Milan, Opitz established individual's baseline brain functions, then retested after deeksha had been given. His tests showed significant, replicable shifts in subjects' brain activity and striking changes in certain areas of the brain.

“I checked what Bhagavan was saying against what I could measure about the deactivation of the parietal lobes and the activation of the frontal lobes,” says Opitz. “And I found that this was really true; that in people who had received a substantial amount of deeksha, the parietal lobes were so much more quiet than the frontal lobes, which were so much more activated - and always with a slight dominance of the left frontal lobe. Which is exactly what you want to see, because happiness and integrated spiritual experience go hand-in-hand with a slight dominance of the left frontal lobe. Whereas when people have spiritual experiences that may actually make them more pathological, or people are even hallucinating, then the right frontal lobe dominates. This is just frontal lobes, not whole brain hemispheres.”

As Opitz determined a consistent pattern, he expanded his investigations to include studying the wave forms that followers' DNA emanated. Apparently, the wave forms increase in strength as a person continues to receive the enlightened transmissions, which are described as a golden ball of energy descending into the head. He found that the reptilian brain, or brain stem, which holds much of our primitive fight or flight responses, was quieted through deeksha. He also measured growth in certain brain centers.

“In some of the dhasas (direct disciples of Bhagavan and Amma) in India, I measured their septum pellucidum, which is also called the brain's joy center, and it was huge. I mean, I've never seen anything like that. It's a brain center that's under-active in most people, and it's severely shrunk in people who are depressed. It grows when real joy becomes a basic experience of the person's life. If it's shrunk, if it's de-active, then people know only the fake joy of stimulated pleasure.”

Opitz's tests also seemed to indicate that unlike results of similar investigations monitoring long-term meditators and people who do other kinds of energy work, the effects of deeksha appear to be permanent.

The Science
The science of neurophysiology has shown the the brain has a role in spiritual transformation. A continuous experience of limitless love and joy, which is the oneness state is the very nature of our existence, and can now be transferred through special energy transmissions called Deeksha (transfer of divine grace) that affect the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain back to their natural state of consciousness. the original design of the human brain is to perceive unity as the intrinsic reality of life.

The "separation" that humans perceive is a direct result of our frontal lobes of the brain not having enough neurotransmitters and electrical energy to function anywhere near optimum. With Deeksha the over - active frontal lobes can be activated. Thus, Deeksha energy transfers facilitate the much sought after states of enlightenment, oneness, god-realiztion, peace, bliss and joy. the experience of a permanent connection with divine presence is gradually achieved through receiving deeksha, regardless of how many years of meditation, prayer or spiritual practices you have of have not done.

*From enlightenment and the brain" by Christian Optiz

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