Inner Wisdom Coaching

(When one accesses Inner Wisdom, higher levels of awareness, truth and love are developed. Natural gifts arise & a deeper presence of stillness, centeredness, peace and inner knowing are revealed.)

In Inner wisdom coaching, Stacey works with individuals & organizations in developing higher acceptance of awareness, truth and love. Individuals' natural gifts arise - a deeper presence of stillness and inner knowing reveals itself, opening to expanded levels of strength, power and wisdom. We begin to see what they have not seen before and awaken to a higher truth. Thus a natural creativity and aliveness move within creating extraordinary possibilities and opportunities in our lives.

Inner Wisdom Coaching (Living from Presence, Strength and Truth)

  • Designing vision, intention, Opening to your full essences
  • Knowing and living presence, centeredness, inner peace & joy
  • Opening and expanding to greater awareness, radiance & feeling
  • Building inner strength & energy
  • Opening to your true power
  • Accessing and expanding intuition, truth & wisdom
  • Exploring your belief system and blocks that stop you from being in your truth & love
  • Connecting with your intent, who you truly are, & your greatest gifts
  • Creating deep communication, inner relatedness, & flow
  • Accessing fulfillment, vision & creative power

Accessing your Highest Wisdom and True Power

Living from truth, love, fulfillment, self-reflection, natural movement; Creating from a higher vision; Being in tune with self; Learning to feel into the truth; Accessing intuition, higher wisdom, inner peace. When one lives from their soul, the sweet silence, stillness, and inner truth permeates their life.

Being Centered, Still & Strong; Living from your Vision, Truth & Love; Creating a Sustaining Field of Powerful Energy. You will be touched by the power of your inner strength, wisdom & love. This is were you flourish from your stillness& a natural guide to true movement

Coaching Provides:

  • Being truly seen, known, listened too
  • Being supported to break out of the limiting beliefs and patterns that stop you from being in your true power
  • Going beyond where you would go yourself
  • Opening to new truths and awakening
  • Opening to your intuition and wisdom
  • Opening to self-love and natural action
  • Creating a plan that supports your life
  • Creating a support structure that empowers you from your highest truth, vision & love(

Inner Coaching ~ Sessions

Assisting individuals and organizations, to open to higher states of awareness and the wisdom from within, Stacey guides them to connect to their true nature, which reveals itself as flowing creativity, natural joy, inner strength, peace & wisdom.

Blending higher principles of consciousness, she supports people to live from their vision accessing their gifts, working with intuition, truth and compassion.

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