Inner Wisdom

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Inner Wisdom

Living From Awareness and the Presence

A Path to Access True Power, Wisdom, Purpose, & Love 

"All life is connected, interrelated and influences the whole and all its parts. 

All life has an innate rhythm and order to it".

Conscious Business Coaching

Personal Development Life Coaching

Awareness, Presence and Mindful Facilitation

Empowering, Aware, Soulful, Heart-Based Relationships

Conscious, Integrative Courses and Programs

Retreats, Conferences and Speaking  Engagements

Inner Healing Wellness, Centering, and Vitality Coaching

Living from awareness and presence creates an inspired movement that opens your inner wisdom, vision, and power in life, work and relationships. When one accesses inner wisdom we develop higher levels of awareness, truth, and love; natural gifts arise, a deeper presence of stillness, centeredness, peace, and inner knowing is revealed.

This opens us to expanded levels of internal strength, clarity, and direction. We begin to see what we have not seen before and awaken to a higher truth. Our innate creativity is expressed, our vision is uncovered and natural productivity arises. Deeper levels of joy, truth, and love unveil themselves to be naturally expressed and experienced. Our lives, relationships, and work are more fulfilling and joyful.

Our work will be committed to living from our highest wisdom and truth, the fulfillment of humanities' consciousness and remembering our oneness. We look forward to speaking with you.
About Stacey Hentschel
Working with businesses she coaches visionary leaders, facilitating the building of aware, connected, productive and sustainable organizations. She works holistically with individuals as they uncover their soul's truth, strength, and passion for life. Compassionately she empowers couples to discover deeper levels of listening, understanding, and love.  
As she guides businesses, couples and individuals, they open to higher states of awareness, inner strength, and wisdom from within. Blending principles of consciousness with her intuition and practical business background her client's live from their vision and gifts contributing to the world.
Stacey J. Hentschel founded Quantum Integrations / Inner Wisdom to support people in living their fullest potential and giving their greatest gifts.  As a coach, consultant, speaker, intuitive and healer she has worked with thousands of people for over 25 years in the areas of centering and awareness, leadership, team building, communication, sales and marketing, planning and thinking outside the box, quantum energy, personal success.
Empowering you to be fully
connected and fulfilled.
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Stacey Hentschel
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